A Think Tank of One

Bill Glynn is the co-founder of Take Back The USA, an entertainment and education organization focused on promoting and protecting the principles that created the miracle that is America; Faith, Family and Free Enterprise. Take Back The USA unites Country, Christian and Rock bands and musicians with inspirational political, social, economic and faith leaders to cast a new light on conservative beliefs, conservative leadership and ideas and to expand the social acceptance of the principles that made America great.  Being a Liberal has become “cool” and the party leaders and radical progressives have become “rock stars”.   Conservatives have simply been beaten technologically, socially and certainly on advertising and brand.  If Liberals can “Rock The Vote”, poison the airwaves, control the media and indoctrinate our youth into their ranks then conservatives can “Rock the Boat” and re-awaken America to combat social, moral, political and economic bankruptcy. Take back The USA!

Bill has been a venture capitalist and entrepreneur for 20 years and is the author of Left on Red, The United States of Bankruptcy and Hope for Economic Hopelessness. He publishes “On the Money” each week.  He was ranked by Information Week one of 15 top innovators globally. He is the founder of Brand Equity and Horticultural Asset Management among others and built 3 successful private equity investment businesses.  The companies he has founded, helped build and invested in have raised over $1 billion.

“If America was a company – the Board of Directors and the management team would all be fired and many of them would be in jail for the way it has been run” Billy G.

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