Marxism vs. Capitalism – Redistribution of Wealth

The Communist Manifesto – The Capitalist Manifesto – Socialism

Let’s Educate Americans!

How about this! Turn to chapter 2 of the Communist Manifesto written in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The first three principles described are:

Take control of and redistribute assets
A heavy progressive or graduated Income Tax
Abolition of all rights of inheritance

They presented 10 measure that have influenced the tax systems around the world. Their goal of economic justice is wide ranging but an underpinning of their philosophy is that the masses will be reliant for their subsistence on wealth redistributed by the State. Sound familiar? Although I don’t think our leaders are communists by any stretch our system of taxation certainly approaches this philosophy doesn’t it? With tax changes being contemplated is this On the Money?

Did I hear Nancy Pelosi and President Obama correctly? Redistribution of wealth was their exact words right?

The Capitalist Manifesto written by Kelso and Adler.

The underpinning of this philosophy is concentration of capital while it may undermine a free and Democratic order a higher order of economic justice is that everyone has a human right and an equal opportunity to become an owner of capital. Isn’t this supposed to be the American Dream! Philosophers dating back to Aristotle contest that property is essential to preserving a free society. So you want to seize my capital property and give it away to others by means of unfair and discriminatory taxes biased toward one “class” of citizen over another “class”?

Now turn to Socialism.

Socialism at its core is an economic system governed by a political elite with a more concentrated ownership and wielding more economic power than a capitalist system where capital is concentrated in the hands of the few. Big Government…Out of Control Spending and Borrowing to do so…Complete Discretion with no oversight and forget about the people because our voices just don’t matter.

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